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4 Reasons To Brighten Your Office With Flowers

First impressions count.

The initial impact of meeting someone new or dealing with a business for the first time cannot be underestimated.

When a customer walks into your business, what do they see? A tidy reception area? A smiling receptionist? A gorgeous bunch of flowers?

If you’re missing the gorgeous bunch, then call Ivy Lane Florist now! There are so many benefits to having fresh flowers in your office or work space.

Improve Your Mood

Flowers are renowned for cheering people up – why do you think patients love getting flowers in hospital? Flowers can help lower blood pressure and anxiety levels, and they help us to relax.  Floral scents work subtly on the brain, recalling happy memories of childhood gardens and making us feel calm and safe.  A beautiful arrangement is like a work of art and art makes us happy too.

Redecorate Your Office Space

A bunch of flowers is like Nature’s version of the sofa cushion. A change of cushions can give your room a whole new look and so do flowers! A brightly coloured bunch will give your business a stimulating, busy feel while more subdued colours will soothe and relax visitors. You can even theme your flowers to match the current holiday or event. How about miniature pumpkins for Halloween or seven white flowers to represent Matariki? An interesting bunch of flowers is a great talking point for newcomers to your business and will help calm any nervous tension.

Stimulate Your Staff

Bringing a little bit of nature inside has been shown to improve staff morale and productivity. The positive effects of flowers include stimulating the senses as well as intellectual brainwaves. This little boost can help increase creativity and help us work better and longer.

Lessen Your Workload

It might seem an easy thing, to pick and arrange the flowers yourself, but it’s still one more thing you have to do. And if your garden is lacking in winter blooms, you’re pretty much stuck. We source our flowers from the growers so that there’s always something beautiful in season. And we take great delight in arranging flowers to their best possible advantage… so that you don’t have to.

Flowers are such an easy way to improve the look and feel of your work-space. Ivy Lane Florist can produce a fabulous bunch for your business from only $25 plus GST a week. Your bunch will be delivered to your office door every Monday and will reflect the tone and style required for your brand or industry. We also include a treatment for your vase so that our flowers will stay beautiful the whole week – under normal circumstances, of course!

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